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UK Naked Men – Mark Coxx and Jace Tyler


There's a new doctor in town and his name is Dr. Alan Probe. You may ask what's in a name but don't think too hard. It's just what you would expect. Jace pays the good doctor a visit for an arm injury. Wink, wink. Dr. Probe doesn't waste much time examining Jace's arm and moves quickly to his area of expertise…ASS. Before long he has Jace's hole stretched open wide using a series of purple translucent butt plugs. During his exam, Jace opens the doc's fly and sucks his big, fat uncut cock. Then Dr. Probe decides to use his most effective instrument on Jace's already stretched out hole. Of course, it's his cock, which he uses to give patients a deep and thorough fucking. Amazingly, Jace's arm is healed in record time. I'm sure he'll spread the word to his mates and Dr. Probe's office will soon be filled with horny guys wanting the doc's VERY special treatment.

Date: April 5, 2014

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