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ActiveDuty – Chazz


Wow, we’ve been so blessed lately to have such wonderful recruits filtering in to join our humble-but-proud squadron. This occasion is no different, as we welcome our freshest young prospect, Chazz.

Once Claude leaves him to get more comfortable, after their initial chat, we see Chazz strip down and really get into a sweet, sensual groove quickly. He kicks his foot up on the ottoman and works his ass a bit further down in the seat, grabs his swelling cock, and gets down to what he knows he likes.

Right around here, Claude gets in tight to show us all the glistening oil Chazz is slathering about his engorged beast. Here we see Chazz’s fingers doing some work on his hole. I like the looks of this…I know Chazz is going to really be sturdy go-to on our roster of dependable bottoms…with that ass, at least I hope so!

Then Chazz goes to his feet and Claude gets underneath that gorgeous cock. ‘You’re a natural!’ Claude tells Chazz. Boy, is Claude right. The way Chazz moves his hips and lets his free hand grope all around his legs is just magic. And as we look up at our new boy, and he looks down at us, oozing that sensuousness, we get a great view of his powerful thighs.

Next is my favorite part: We get Chazz bent over the chair, playing with his ass for us. Claude gets in good ‘n’ tight to show us just how fantastic this boy’s butt looks.

Finally, we finish off with Chazz cranking out every last drop. He sure locks into a heated rhythm right at the end, making the whole experience worth it.

Date: December 16, 2015
Actors: Chazz

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