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ActiveDuty – Dodge, Scene #01


Dodge is 21-years old, stands at a strapping 6’2′ tall and weighs a slight 155 lbs. We joke in the video that he’s a ‘lean, mean, fighting machine’ — and Dodge agrees!

Dodge enjoys extreme downhill mountain biking, basketball, baseball and pretty much any sport.

We ask Dodge to tell us about the first time he had sex, and wow, it’s a story! He says that he had ‘sex with my ex’s little sister on a jet ski.’ Yes, a jet ski. And yes, his ex’s little sister. Really, you can’t make this stuff up. He jokes about how the motion of the ocean, so to speak, really helped things out.

After our little introductory chat is over with, we have Dodge slip out of his clothes, revealing his slim body. Dodge is sporting a number of tattoos on his body, and a light dusting of hair in just the right places. After shucking his clothing, he leans back on the bed to give us an eyeful. An eyeful of his dick, that is.

Dodge is deep into watching (we assume) the off-camera porn — and he seems a tad bit nervous. It’s charming, of course, to see guys who are a little shy and tentative. That makes their ‘first time’ with us all the more special. Soon, Dodge is up on his hands and knees, giving us a peak as furry behind.

Soon enough, Dodge is ready to blow. ‘Ooh . . . here it comes!’ And comes, he does, all over his lower torso. Dodge continues to milk as much of his load out of dick as possible while we linger over the mess he’s made.

Date: December 26, 2012
Actors: Dodge

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