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ActiveDuty – Joel, Scene #01


Joel is 24-years old, stands 6’1′ and weighs 175 lbs. He says he gets a ‘big kick out’ of working on cars and plussing them up and tricking them out. Why didn’t I take advantage of his skills back when I shot this? I could have upgraded my stereo!

And he’s packing a big one — one that you’ve seen before. And lordy, it takes me back to watch this scene again. If you think Joel looks big and hard in the still pictures we’ve have on the site, just wait until you see the video. He’s packing serious heat and it’s rock hard from the get go.

Joel says the first time he got a blowjob was when he was 13-years old, and get this — it was from his 18-year old babysitter. Clearly, Joel’s young life could have also been turned into a Lifetime TV movie. I live for stories like these — and I think you guys do too.

I ask him how old was he when he realized his dick was bigger than everyone elses. He says he was 15, and that he found out courtesy of his sister’s friends. Well, he got to know some of those friends well . . . so well that one thing led to another and they made sure to let him know that he was ‘a little bit above average,’ he says with a smile. ‘And (they) started spreading the word around’ about his good fortune.

Date: October 3, 2012
Actors: Joel

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