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Pride Studios – Behind the Glasses


College hasn’t treated Duane to well this year, especially the party scene. You see, he is a real quiet guy who is too shy to participate in big events. Jared is here to help him out and get him ready for the party of the year. Duane is dressed way too nerdy for this college party so Jared has to dress him up the proper way. Jared watches Duane as he undresses and becomes really turned on by the hairiness of Duane’s sexy firm body. Nervous as all hell Duane is ready for the party but first Jared takes his glasses off and moves in for a kiss. Duane a little surprised by it but goes all the way with it as Jared leads him into a hot sexy make out session and then some studly cock sucking from both of these college bodies. Duane has never been with a man but he is willing to let Jared fuck him as long as he goes easy on his tight little ass. Once Duane is comfortable he rides the fuck out of Jared’s cock until he blasts his load all over Jared’s chest.


Date: October 13, 2014

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