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ActiveDuty – Ryan & Tito


Kaden is directing this one, and says that he tried to get Ryan and Tito together once before, but for whatever reason, it just didn’t work out. Luckily, things fell into place today, and we’ve got Ryan and his big ol’ dick spearing its way into Tito.

Kaden says he’s excited to see what kind of ‘magic’ happens between Ryan and Tito, and I know I am too, since we’ve seen both of these guys cross the line previously — with gusto.

Soon after Tito has razzed Ryan into taking his ‘funky ass socks off’ (funky as in design — not smell — mind you), Ryan is hard as a rock and moaning in pleasure at Tito’s blowjob skills.

What follows is an energetic fuck that shakes the bed, the walls and everything else. The guys go through a number of positions, with Tito at one point sitting on Ryan, riding him something fierce — while staying completely hard. Hot damn this is great to watch. Ryan’s huge dick sliding in and out of Tito, who is thrusting his ass up and down on it (while staying hard). Well, it’s just great, I tell you. The bed gets so damn loud in this scene, I don’t know how the thing didn’t break!

Eventually, Tito is down on his back, with Ryan fucking him from the side of the bed. ‘Gimme that fucking dick!’ Tito barks at Ryan, who is thrusting in and out of him. Before you know it, the guys end up a sticky, out-of-breath mess!

Date: March 14, 2014
Actors: Ryan IV / Tito

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