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ActiveDuty – Sebastian


We get right to it in the video, with Sebastian strutting into the bathroom, only to quickly drop his towel in the mirror. We swiftly jump to the shower, where Sebastian lathers himself up, all the while his uncut dick is just swinging in the breeze.

I gotta say, whenever we get a guy who has muscles for days underneath running water, it just makes him shine! Every ridge stands out. Every pack in that six-pack becomes more pronounced. You get the idea.

Sebastian works the soap all over his body, paying extra attention — as you would — to his semi-hard dick. He continues to clean up, focusing attention on his massive thighs and then back up to his head.

He turns around, lathering up his rear, sensually rubbing down his legs, bending over to make sure we get a nice look at all 6-foot-plus of him. We make sure he stays bent over for way longer than any man has a right to, as he scrubs up his feet — while we gawk at his ass.

After paying extra special attention to his ass crack, ensuring maximum soapiness, Sebastian turns around, revealing a hard dick. He then leans back, under the streaming shower, and starts to jerk off in earnest. Basically using the cascading waterfall as lube, Sebastian works on that uncut beauty — water dancing off his dick and onto his thighs.

Sebastian has the coolest — well, I think it is — cum shots ever. I’m on one side of the see-through glass shower door, while he’s on the other. He then shoots his load onto the glass, and then rubs his freshly-spent dick head all over the glass. It’s just so erotic and hot — you have to see it.

Date: February 20, 2013
Actors: Sebastian

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