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ActiveDuty – Walker, Scene #01


Meet Walker, a good ol’ small town country boy that we get to know tonight in the War Chest. The 22-year old stands a whopping 6’3′ tall and weighs 195 lbs — most of that muscle, as you can see from our great photos of him (not to mention debut video).

I joke about how our photographer just couldn’t get enough of him — we shot his photos before doing the video — and he laughs, saying we got something like ‘500’ pics of him. (We’re not sure about 500, but there are 50 images of him in his gallery tonight!)

Walker enjoys the great outdoors, riding his Harley and playing basketball and football. We chit-chat back and forth about why he wanted to get in front of the camera and what he has to offer. I say, ‘you’re hung like a horse, right?’ And he just laughs, ‘some could say that . . .’

His biceps are so big, he has a hard time getting his shirt off. He jokes ‘maybe one day I’ll get out of it . . .’ Don’t worry, he does. Off come the cowboy boots, and out the door I go, leaving Walker along to get started.

He struggles to get his jeans down off his big thighs, revealing a smooth body and a big chest. He’s already half-hard, but he’s packing major heat even in a not-totally-erect state.

I return shortly thereafter, and Walker is already panting and breathing heavy, jerking his thick dick for all it’s worth. He’s got such expressive eyes — you just know he’s on cloud nine (possibly 10) while working over his cock.

I make sure to get him up on his knees so we can better take in his large frame. Dang, he’s a sight. I know I was there and all — but just seeing it again on video reminds me being back there . . . Oh wait, where was I? Oh yes! Walker turns around, and sensually grinds into the bed. We get a glorious look at his round, muscular ass. Hand me a fan troops. It’s getting warm in here.

Walker flips back over, and soon enough, he’s sending sprays of cum all over the bed and his thigh. The poor boy nearly has a heart attack in the process — but I think it was the good kind. (The size of his load is surprising — but not for the reason you think. You’ll find out why — I say something to him at the tail end of the scene that’ll clue you in.)

Date: July 4, 2012
Actors: Walker

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