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ActiveDuty – Robby – Solo


Remember back in December when we introduced you to Robby — by way of his debut scene with Drew? And remember how we said that, although it was his first scene on the site, he had shot solos before (that we had not posted on the site)?

Well, *now* we’ve got one of his original solos in our clutches, and it’s finally making its way to the War Chest Update.

And really, that’s sort of what the War Chest was all about when we started it — sharing ‘lost’ scenes and footage that we had temporarily misplaced or ‘saved’ for a rainy day.

Now, that said, Robby has already appeared in a couple hot duo scenes for us: one with Drew, and one with Wayne. And in both, Robby gets sucked off by the gents, though he doesn’t reciprocate. (Maybe someday we’ll get him to return the favor.)

In tonight’s solo scene, we learn that Robby is 24-years old and stands at 5’10’ tall. He weighs in at 165 lbs. Guest director Mike says it took him a while to convince Robby to come in, and Robby says it’s ‘something new’ and he’s gotta get used to it. (And really, getting naked and whipping it out in front of a camera isn’t something you get used to quickly. Though, I have to say, Robby takes to the camera quite well in this scene.)

Date: April 23, 2014
Actors: Robby

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