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ActiveDuty – Weston


Weston is no exception to the War Chest’s ‘long lost’ rule, as we introduce you to strapping gent — who we filmed way back in December of 2011. Lord only knows why we kept this one to ourselves for so long. He’s a cute, beefy fella with a big dick. And wait until you see the crazy massive load he shoots! It goes up to his neck and then back over his head!

Major Wood shot this video and he’s the voice you hear behind the camera as we open our scene. We find out Weston is 23-years old, stands 6′ tall and weighs 195 lbs. He’s from Colorado and enjoys snowboarding, which makes sense considering the abundance of mountains and the fluffy white stuff out there.

Major Wood asks Weston to tell us about his first sexual experience. Would you believe it happened when he went snowboarding at 15-years old? There was a little liquor involved and well, one thing led to another . . . It even happened ‘a little bit in the snow’ he says.

Weston jokes that he’s a ‘grower not a shower’ as he starts to lube up his dick. Major Wood steps out for a moment to let Weston get comfortable. He’s such a big guy — everything is big on him! His arms, biceps, chest, thighs and big thick dick. All big. (There’s a mean-looking vein in his cock that looks like it could beat me up, I swear.)

Just wait until you see him shoot his load. It’s a fountain. And I mean, it’s a gusher folks. It flies all the way up his chest, coating his neck. Major Wood is stunned: ‘Dude, you shot over the back of the bed!’ We come in close with the camera and check out the spillage on the pillow *behind* his head.

Date: March 14, 2014
Actors: Weston

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