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Antony Carter – Dimitry Adamkov


When Dimitry Adamkov started looking for a roommate he never imagined that a boy like Antony Carter would come his way. After the young man moved in he soon discovered what a confident guy he was, catching him naked while going to the bathroom in the night or seeing him in the shower in the mornings with his long and thick cock pointing straight up. The sight of his roommate naked has become fuel for his daily wanks, imagining the kind of BoyFun they could have together, but being caught by the handsome young man while spying on his shower jack off session is about to lead to his fantasies being fulfilled. Antony had little idea his new roommate was interested in his big cock, but now he knows he's not going to waste a moment, catching up with the blond boy in the kitchen and kissing him passionately, his towel soon dropping to reveal the object of Dimitry's lust. With his own twink cock straining in his underwear he sucks on the head of Antony's length, tasting his precum for the first time and instantly becoming addicted. Dimitry's plump ass can be easily accessed as Antony picks him up, the head of his engorged cock prodding at the tight pucker and promising to slide in. He has his own needs to satisfy before easing inside, however, laying his friend back on the table and slurping on the long and juicy cock he pulls out of Dimitry's underwear. The boy's hole is delicious as he licks and laps the twitching pucker, getting his friend wet with spit before finally giving young Dimitry what he's clearly been so desperate for since he moved in. Antony eases his bareback length into the boy, slow and steady at first but soon pounding his cock deep and hard, grabbing Dimitry's dick and jacking him off while he slides inside him. Pulling his friend's underwear off he buggers the kneeling boy on the table, his balls slamming against Dimitry's taint as their passionate groans fill the room. Fucked over the counter top Dimitry is almost ready to shoot, laying back on the table for a delicious facial as Antony's big cock blasts semen over his cute face. With his fantasy finally lived Dimitry can finish, his thick cum spewing from his dick while he savors the taste of his roommate's cream.

Date: October 4, 2019

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