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Antony Carter – Taylor Blaze


Sporty boy Antony Carter won't say no to a game of strip snap when his friend Taylor Blaze offers, he always seem to have luck on his side and his quick reflexes usually means he's the first to call it. After only a few rounds Taylor is down to his tight little undies and his big cock is already out and throbbing. If Antony was unsure whether this was going to lead to some BoyFun at the start the sight of that big throbbing teen cock is all the evidence he needed. Within moments he's lost the next round and his cock is out too, signalling the start of the two friends locking lips and stroking each other, their hard erections leaking precum from their swollen tips while they move their innocent game of cards to a full-on bareback butt banging. The smooth boys trade their boners with equal vigor, their wet tongues lapping at each other, their rigid dicks twitching and bouncing, their balls churning over in their sacks as the pleasure of their shared oral encourages the production of lashings of twink cum. Antony lays back to present his engorged tool, an offer his blond friend won't refuse, his snug opening slipping over the glistening tip. He takes it slow, slipping up and down on the head before easing his pucker down on more of the gorgeous cock, his own big meat swinging and bouncing gently. The reach-around Anthony offers helps to keep the boy going, his moans and sighs escaping his lips as the inches of raw cock slide in and out of his snug opening. Their slow and sensual fucking speeds up markedly when Antony has the chance to spoon his pal, thrusting with incredible energy while he pounds his pal from behind, his cum-laden balls swinging and slapping. A second round of dick riding is what ultimately does it for the blond boy, his cock pumping ropes of teen cum out over Antony's abs, the sight and feel of all that semen quickly encouraging Antony closer to his own climax. He knows where he wants that cream, laying back and preparing for his hung friend to splash his ball juice all over his cute face! There are certainly no losers when these boys play cards.

Date: April 16, 2019

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