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Pride Studios – Caught In The Act: Part 1


Steve rushes into his dorm room looking for his buddy but he is nowhere to be found. Steve goes to grab his yearbook and a box slips off the top and the contents of it fall all over the floor. Amazed that a few porno DVDs have emerged – let alone gay porn – he is very curious as to what his roommate has been watching. He opens one up and puts it into the computer and begins to undress himself. Liking what he sees Steve begins to stroke his long cock while also trying to suck on it. He can only bend over so far while licking his own dick so he gets on his knees and perks his ass up and starts to use some fingers on his tight hole. He’s never been fucked but it feels really good to him and he wonders what a hard cock might feel like throbbing deep inside his ass. As he gets closer to climaxing he lays out on the bed stroking his cock faster and as he blows his load his roommate catches him nutting all over himself. They both look at each other in silence not knowing what to do. Keep your eyes out for part 2 coming soon.


Date: August 21, 2014
Actors: Steve Stiffer

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