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Pride Studios – Skipping Class


Trent’s passed out on his bed late for class but he has no care in the world while in dream land. He’s quietly asleep when he is rudely awakened by Leo pounding on the door to get him up for class. Leo comes in and can’t believe Trent is not even ready for class. Trent talks Leo into skipping class and instead playing video games. They both grab some controllers and the game is on. Trent is so excited that he is whooping Leo’s ass that he jumps up with joy to reveal his rock hard boner in his tight white undies. Kind of shocked Leos wonders what to do and so he begins to rub the outline of Trent’s cock while the precum starts to ooze out. They begin to suck each other’s hard cocks in the infamous 69. These horned up gamers are taking it deep and sloppy making sure each mouth has a hard dick to suck on. Eventually their mouths tire out and they sit back like true gamers and begin stroking their throbbing sticks next to each other. The one with the best cumshot has to buy drinks. Who do you think will win???Enjoy!

Date: July 10, 2014

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