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CockyBoys – Cade Maddox & Calvin Banks RAW !


When Cade Maddox spies on Calvin Banks taking a shower he knows he's interested: the writing is literally on the wall! On the shower glass Calvin writes "FUCK ME" and he make it clearer by pressing his tempting ass against the glass. So t-shirt wearing Cade steps in and makes out with Calvin, who makes sure Cade is soaked before he goes down on his thick cock. After getting some major cocksucking and deep-throating, Cade makes his move.

In the steamy shower Cade gives Calvin some warm juicy rimming followed by deep, tough & tender fucking & making out. But soon they take their hard cocks to drier territory, the bed where limber Calvin lies back waiting happily. Cade resumes rimming him then gives him his cock again, so deep Calvin's eyes roll back. Cade takes it slow and easy and makes out with him, but then picks it up with deep pounding.

Getting up, Calvin faces the mirror & padded headboard as Cade plows him again, only stopping when Cade sits back on his haunches for Calvin to ride his cock. Cade tops Calvin more but soon he lies him down to thrust in from the side and make out again. Cade then gets Calvin his back again, hitting his inner target. BUT, Cade cums first, pulls out to shoot over Calvin's crotch before thrusting back in and making Calvin blast volley after volley over himself. They kiss again and both guys are satisfied…and in need of another shower!

Date: February 26, 2019

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