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Rub-A-Dub, Boyz In the Tub


A lazy day where Asuka shares a hot bath with horny Hideaki. Hideaki gets in the first licks, then stands for Asuka to suck him. He twiddles one nipple and Asuka dials in the other. They both Asian guys rise to their feet and rub their warm wet bodies together, then dry off and hit the mattress. Asuka rolls on a rubber and lies on the bed as Hideaki climbs on and rides his cock.nnHideaki grinds his ass into Asuka’s dick, groaning with satisfaction. The solidly-built top kneels behind and pumps in powerfully. The sight of Hideaki’s perfect ass bobbing on his dick gets his motor racing and he speeds up. He beats Hideaki’s prick as he plows in. Bodies entwined and locked in a deep kiss, Asuka can’t hold back. He pulls out just as a juicy load squirts across Hideaki’s tight little waist. Bathed in sticky cum, Hide shoots a sticky wad into his beating palm.

Date: December 1, 2020

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