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CockyBoys – Dante Colle & Vincent O'Reilly RAW!


Dante Colle makes his CockyBoys debut with Vincent O'Reilly as they condense a variety of hot condom-free fun into one afternoon in a high-rise Vegas hotel room, from balcony to bathtub to bed. Sitting on top of a railing overlooking the skyline, Dante leans back against the window and Vincent wordlessly says yes to what's being offered. They kiss and soon Vincent's mouth makes it way down Dante's torso…and to the full erection that pops out when unzips his jeans. Vincent treats Dante to an 5 star blowjob and the promise of more is the incentive for Dante join him inside.

A bubble bath is drawn and Dante is quick to get in and suck Vincent's fat dick while he's still standing outside the tub. Once he gets in they make out in the sensuous suds and Vincent resumes deep-sucking Dante. In time though Vincent makes it clear he wants more. Getting on all fours he presents his big muscle ass and Dante takes the offer rimming and fingering him before giving Vincent deep pounding as he grips the edge of the tub.

In bed Dante reclines as Vincent takes a favorite position: on his knees sitting on Dante's cock and rocking back & forth using his strong ass. He builds up his pace bouncing on his cock until Dante turns him around to ride him the same way building to an even faster pace. Getting him on his back Dante thrusts into Vincent and soon fucks the cum out of him and seconds pulls out to cum over his crotch & cream pie him. BUT Dante isn't done. He slides up so Vincent can suck his hard cock. AND soon he's shooting a second load over Vincent's face. As they share a cummy kiss Vincent now knows first hand why he's called "Double Load Dante"!

Date: October 11, 2018

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