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Pride Studios – Pool Daddy


Timothy is at the hotel kicken back in a chair reading a magazine when he sees Ceasar, the pool cleaner. The two check eachother out and Ceasar begins to show off his body while cleaning the pool. He sees Timothy rubbing his hard cock through his shorts and he takes that as a sign to come over. Ceasar makes his way over to Timothy and instantly drops to his knees and starts blowing Timothy’s big hard cock. They decided to take the action back up into Timothy’s room and once they get in Ceasar starts to worship Timothy’s hard cock even more. Timothy turns Ceasar over onto his back and begins to blow his hard cock deep throating every inch he can. Ceasar is so glad he came into work today and now he has a young bucks mouth all over his hard dick. Timothy lifts Ceasar’s legs up high in the air so he can get his tongue deep in his ass and starts to lick all over Ceasar’s well-built ass. Ceasar can’t take it no more and wants that young dick deep in his ass. Timothy doesn’t waste a moment and he pushes his big throbbing cock slowly into Ceasar’s tight eager hole. Timothy fucks Ceasar all over the hotel room until Ceasar blows his load all over himself and Timothy shoots his load all over Ceasar’s ripped chest. Enjoy!

Date: April 16, 2018

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