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Pride Studios – A Runner’s Fantasy


It’s a beautiful day out and who wouldn’t want to be outside jogging on such a sunny day? Tripp and Jacques are both out jogging not knowing what’s in store for them today. Jogging is always much more fun with a buddy but these two for the moment are on a solo mission – that is until they run past each other and they both give the ‘look back’ and so they stop for a small chat in the road. Their jogging shorts are slim and very short plus neither are wearing underwear so it’s very easy to see their huge bulges flopping around. After a short chat they decide to finish the run and head over to Tripp’s place. Once in the door they start making out and pulling on their cocks. The softness of the shorts and both of their hands rubbing and stroking their cocks against the material is driving them both crazy. The shorts drop and behold two huge thick succulent cocks which both deserve a nice sloppy BJ. Once they both have had a taste Tripp is bent over the bed and Jacques is ready to dive deep into his tight small hole. Jacques’ thick meat can barely fit into Tripp’s small ass but he eventually gets in balls deep. After a few hot sexy positions of pounding Tripp’s ass Jacques is ready for them both to let loose their hot creamy loads.


Date: August 6, 2014

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