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Big Country, Scene #01


What do you do when you come home and there’s a cute guy in your tub? If you’re thedashing Bobby Clark, and the guy is dark-skinned, Latin hotty Ray Diaz, you fuck him.Bobby leads with a deep, wet kiss. Ray parries, reaching out with his tongue to close thedistance on Bobby’s cock at such a tantalizing pace that you might find a wet spot in yourpants. Ray’s skin and halo of hair around each nipple contrast with Bobby’s broad, hairychest and remnant of a tan line. Ray endears himself by taking time to wet and suckBobby’s huge balls, looking up at Bobby for approval. There’s a lot of intimacy here, too, aswhen Bobby spits on his cock and accidentally hits Ray in the eye. Bobby stops to tenderlywipe Ray’s eye, then the blow job resumes. Bobby tells Ray to stand and quickly has himpanting from full-depth gulps of his cock. The treasure trail down Ray’s abs is matched bythe one that leads from the small of his back to his hairy crack, a confection that Bobby lapsand probes to get it ready to take his cock. With the tub as a fucking platform, they taketurns taking charge, a perfect give and take of gratifuckation that leaves Ray so drenched incum, he needs a bath.

Date: December 26, 2012
Actors: Bobby Clark / Ray Diaz

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