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Backdoor Bathroom, Scene #02


Drew Dixon sits back and gets his cock sucked by Nate Grimes in a rest stop bathroom. When Drew bends over to show Nate his hole, Nate plants his tongue in Drew’s hole to loosen it up, and then plunges his dick shortly after. Much to Nate’s surprise, his cock slides right into Drew’s ass as he mounts up the eager stud. Nate is curious what else Drew’s ass can handle and starts to fist punch Drew’s hole. As Nate’s fist fly in and out of Drew, the talented stud’s ass swallows Nate’s hefty hands whole. Drew takes total control by riding Nate’s fist, until Nate puts Drew on his back and destroys his ass until Drew blows his load with Nate’s arm planted up inside him.

Date: July 8, 2021

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