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Bottomless Cafe, Scene #03


When Drew Sebastian gets stood up, cafe employee Sherman Maus feels bad and consoles Drew with the hot meat bulging in his pants. Almost in an instant, Sherman goes from hard-working employee to expert cock sucker. Impressed with Sherman’s oral skills, Drew returns the favor by bending him over the counter and rimming his smooth ass. Now that Sherman is lubed up with spit, Drew slides in, pounding Sherman’s hole relentlessly. Drew flips his new date over and stretches him out with cock a little bit more before surprising Sherman with a fat fist in his ass. Once Sherman relaxes and opens up, Drew tests the limits of how deep he can bury his fist inside Sherman. Drew’s fist is a perfect fit, clenched tightly by Sherman’s inviting hole. With Drew’s hand stuffed in him, Sherman jerks out a load into Drew’s mouth.

Date: September 2, 2021

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