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Bottomless Cafe, Scene #04


After getting stood up by a guy he likes, Drew Sebastian is more than happy to be consoled with Sherman Maus’ hard, tasty cock in his mouth. Drew works on throating Sherman’ thick cock down to the balls before bending over and letting Sherman give his crack a sopping wet tongue bath. As inviting as Drew’s ass is, Sherman works his cock up into Drew’s hole and fucks his customer hard. Like Sherman, Drew is looking for something a little bigger in his ass. After getting flipped over and stuffed with some more cock, Drew puts his ass in Sherman’s face, making Sherman lube up and work his hands into Drew’s crevice. When Sherman grabs one of the condiments and adds some of his special aioli, Sherman’s fist glide in and out of Drew’s ass with ease. Sherman makes sure to rearrange Drew’s guts while he’s on the cafe counter. until Drew lets out thick ropes that ooze down his cock as Sherman works to lick up what he can.

Date: September 23, 2021

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