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Dr. Good Glove, Scene #02


Clean cut, studious looking Steve Pierce is standing in a bathtub, receiving an enema from Bryce Colby. Colby decides to break out the industrial strength equipment and fills Pierce’s guts with a garden hose. Next Pierce is prone on a hospital bed and Will Clark has replaced his anal thermometer with a fat 14′ dildo. Clark mercilessly thrusts the entire tool deep into Pierce’s ass. Meanwhile, Colby administers to the needs of Jeff Barron, who has been writhing on a nearby exam table. Without warning Colby produces a 24′ black dildo and shoves it all the way into Barron’s ass. Excusing himself to look after other patients, Colby starts up a dildo fucking machine and plugs it into Barron’s hole, setting the timer for 2 hours.

Date: June 25, 2020

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