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The Colonary Academy, Scene #01


Chef Nate Grimes is determined to stuff every open hole in his kitchen. After successfully filling up a gaping turkey for his horny students, the perverted chef shifts his focus to his assistant, Devin Franco. Wearing only an apron, Devin leans over the kitchen island as Nate dives tongue first into his hungry muscle butt. Once the chef’s eager mouth is done servicing Devin’s ass and meaty cock, he introduces everyone to the special sauce that he’ll be using during his intense, hands-on demonstration. With his paws covered in the saucy concoction, it doesn’t take long until Nate’s entire fist is swallowed by Devin’s asshole. To bring things to the next level, Devin climbs his stretched ass onto the countertop so the chef can further stuff his hole while sucking on his hard cock. As Devin moans for more, Nate quickly moves each hand in and out of his assistant’s gash until the bottom’s glorious rosebud bursts out for the entire audience to see. Nate punches Devin’s insides back into his body before continuing to fist Devin as the gaping bottom strokes himself and blows a sea of cum all over his own stomach.��

Date: April 15, 2021

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