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Pride Studios – After Burn


Mitch Vaughn is a true High Performance Man. He keeps his body in amazing shape and he allowed us a brief glimpse into his typical routine at his private gym. His biceps bulge as he does dips and then he gives his abs a workout doing some leg lifts on the machine. All this working out, and the fact that Mitch is a pure exhibitionist, have him turned on. He soon undresses down to his jockstrap as he works his cock so hard that it can no longer fit inside the jockstrap. With the help of his own spit he slicks up his cock and strokes it long and hard, knowing you are watching every move. He then bends over and starts spanking his own ass as he continues to work his cock and his hole. He then climbs up on his workout machine which gives an amazing view of his ass and cock. He tugs on his guiche piercing as he also tugs on his cock. He soon shoots such a huge load of cum that it sprays over his head in an impressive stream. Several more large streams and he is dripping in cum and out of breath. If this is how he gets his heart rate up, it is no wonder he looks as amazing as he does! Enjoy

Date: July 10, 2012
Actors: Mitch Vaughn

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