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Pride Studios – Hard Strokes


Allesio Romero is a masculine Latino who knows how to satisfy. Sitting in his backyard reading a magazine he begins stroking his hair chest and his hands soon find their way into his shorts. Feeling aroused, he then makes his way over to his fire pit and soon has his cock out and stroking it. Edging himself he then heads inside for a cup of coffee and some more stroking in the kitchen before making his way into his living room. This Mexican, Spanish and Italian stud is soon bent over the couch playing with his hair ass and loving every second of it. With the help of his own spit, his lubed up cock cannot hold back anymore and he shoots a huge load all over his coffee table. Not wanting to leave a mess, he bends down and eats his own cum off the table…a little extra protein in the morning never hurts anyone! Enjoy

Date: June 12, 2012
Actors: Alessio Romero

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