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Pride Studios – The Blue Zone


High Performance Men Exclusive Joe Parker was excited to work with Parker Wright and said ‘He really knows how to kiss and that is a big turn on for me.’ The two begin by kissing and soon Parker has Joe’s hard cock out of his jeans and stroking it’s full nine inch length. He then drops to his knees and deep throats Joe’s cock all the way to the base, proving that he doesn’t have a gag reflex. Joe returns the favor and eagerly sucks Parker’s cock before bending him over and spitting on his ass. Once Parker’s ass is lubed up with Joe’s spit, Joe fingers his hole getting it ready for his cock. He then thrusts is massive cock up Parker’s ass prompting Parker to moan in pure delight. Joe pounds his cock deep inside Parker and then throws him down on the ground as he buries his cock deeper and deeper inside Parker. Parker then lies on his back as Joe hits his prostrate just right resulting in a nice thick load of creamy cum. The site of Parker shooting his load sends Joe over the edge and he pulls out and shoots a huge load of cum that flies past Parker’s head. These two sure had chemistry and we are sure you will bust a huge load right along side them. Enjoy!

Date: January 22, 2013

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