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A Date for Deep Dickin’


Higaken has barely made it into the front door of Hideaki’s place before the two goodlooking Japanese guys are entwined and making out like horny schoolboys. He peels off Hideaki’s tight little t-shirt to admire his sexy tiger-striped briefs and they head to the shower. Nibbling on Higaken’s ear, Hideaki is rarin’ to go, his dick sticking straight out in the warm spray. Higaken’s not far behind, responding to Hideaki’s attention with a stiffy of his own. They’re all smiles as they hit the bed.nnHigaken slathers Hideaki with kisses and licks, from his tight little nips to his big nuts and hard uncut tool. His furry hole needs attention to, and Higaken runs a long slick tongue up the hairy crack. Once it’s wet and open, he moves up to share a kiss before it’s screwing time. Hideaki gets on all fours with butt raised to welcome Higaken’s lubed fingers. Rolling on a condom the lean handsome Asian stud is ready to plow in. As his dick eases into Hideaki’s hot hole, he leans in and they kiss again. Hideaki wraps his legs seductively around as Higaken fills his hungry hole. They moan in unison with each hard pump, Higaken holding his buddy by the wrists. He drills in straight and deep from behind, Hideaki grabbing the sheets for dear life. When Hideaki shows how close he’s getting, Higaken tweaks his nips and speeds up. When Hideaki spews a big creamy wad, Higaken kneels at his head to drench his face in juicy sperm.

Date: July 28, 2020

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