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Bedtime Fuck Buddies


What could be sweeter than having your buddy see you dozing in bed and climbing in to cuddle with you? With our hot Japanboyz Yusaku and Khan, it’s even better to sex each other up in that bed. Yusaku’s sound asleep when Khan walks in and crawls into bed next to him. Khan is not content letting sleeping studs lie, and starts kissing and nibbling at Yusaku’s meaty nips. He yanks down his buddy’s sport briefs to find an already stiff piece of man meat raring to get out. Yusaku’s pierced cock is bobbing and jumping around like crazy, and Khan can’t help grabbing it and taking the head into his mouth.nnOnce Yusaku’s fully awake, Khan climbs up and kneels on either side of his shoulders. Reaching back to keep the horny tatted stud rockhard, he fucks his own dick down Yusaku’s cockhungry throat. Yusaku raises and spreads his muscular legs while Khan licks his nuts and slips a wet finger into his ass. Open and slick, Yusaku’s ready when Khan plows his cock in hard. Yusaku rolls to hands and knees for Khan to grab him by both hips and drill in straight and deep. Yusaku cranes his neck around to kiss the buddy topping him. Khan’s groans get louder and he speeds up when Yusaku bounces his ass back into each thrust. Yusaku starts beating his cock like there’s no tomorrow and splat! Khan pulls out and sprays his load over Yusaku’s tight abs. Yusaku’s dick explodes in a geyser of hot sticky sperm. Nitey nite to two satisfied Asian boyz!

Date: February 10, 2021

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