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Fujis Back for Hiroya


After a couple months of retirement, Japanboyz superstar model Fuji is back, maybe just to get a good piece of handsome Hiroya. He sits on the bed and the minute Hiroya climbs on with him, Fuji’s face lights up. After the usual Japan foreplay of kisses and nipple tweaks, Hiroya dips his hand into Fuji’s undies to fondle his hard upturned cock. Fuji just a reacharound nip squeeze while Hiroya sucks his dick. Hiroya’s tool is stiff and bulging out of his shiny blue sport briefs.nnWhen Fuji lies back and raises his legs, Hiroya knows just what to do. He buries his face in that smooth crack and runs a curious tongue across Fuji’s tight hole. Fuji wants to swallow down Hiroya’s prick before things get any hotter, and gets it slick and juicy. When Hiro drills a wet finger into his buddy’s ass, it’s also slippery, ready to plow into. Rolling on a condom, Hiroya eases in. getting Fuji used to his rock hard Asian cock. He starts thrusting slow and easy, till Fuji’s moans get him going harder. He grabs the young stud by the hips and rams in balls deep. Hungry for cock, Fuji squats just above as Hiro drives straight up into him. Fuji beats his cock furiously and is ready to splatter his sperm. A thick creamy wad spurts onto his abs. Hiroya pulls out. milks his long uncut piece until it adds to the sweet juicy puddle.

Date: February 18, 2021

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