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Japan Boyz – A Bit Awkward


I only discovered that Mirai and Riku knew one another when I arrived outside the hotel. The two were already there and conversing as I walked up. That's when they told me that they knew each other from school. I had to ask the obvious being they're both gay; "Have you ever fooled around before?" I got a quick simultaneous "No!" This could be interesting or just plain awkward for these boys. Mirai doesn't have any experience with sex outside of what he has done with us and he has yet to fuck or be fucked. Riku on the other hand can be a bit of an aggressive bottom as we all know. Once they get going, it's a lot of cock sucking and I think Riku was surprised to see how big Mirai's cock is. The boys 69 on their side and then Riku rolled atop of Mirai as they continued. Then Riku sat up or should I say "sat on" Mirai's face. I guess he figured if he wasn't going to get fucked today, he could at least get Mirai to do a little rimming and lick his balls while he jerked. Mirai may not have much experience, but he's a quick learner seeing how fast Riku blew his load all over Mirai's chest. Being a good friend, Riku nibbles on Mirai's ear and kisses his neck while Mirai jerks. While playing with Mirai's nipples, it doesn't take long before Mirai blows all over his stomach and groin either.

Date: December 29, 2015

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