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Japan Boyz – Embraceable You


Starting this video where all sensual films begin, we have Riku, on the left, soaping up, and down, Shosei. Each of these boys is a treasure, but when they "cum" together, it's magical. Moving from the shower to the bed, the worship and kissing begins; it doesn't end. Shosei lies back and is engulfed by Riku, who will bottom. Shosei shows his skills as he delivers a nice wet blowjob. Enveloped, the two dock and fondle.

Taking in the essence of the other, we get a zoomed in shot of Riku's hole, soon to be entered. Slowly, Riku sits up on Shosei's thick cock and begins to bounce; the gasps of passion ebb and flow as do the boys. When you look at their faces, they're always watching one another, totally in the moment. Embraced, Shosei is now on top and the pair heaves together. Lapping at the other's tongue, the bottom begins to tug on his dick; Shosei pulls out and joins. As they cum, together, the first stream of Shosei sets Riku off and he oozes out every drop of desire. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, magic.

Date: November 30, 2015

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