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Japan Boyz – Yura Tames Fuji's Beast


While Fuji's in the shower, Yura gets naked and plays "dress up" with his dick; something about "feeding the animals" comes to mind. Switching off, Fuji comes in and adds his "croc cock" to the mix. Together, the boys pet the monsters before they fuck. Kissing, sucking nipples and getting Fuji on his back is all part of Yura's plan to "tame the beast," lucky boys. With some really hot close-up camera work, we get to enjoy all of this pairing, without a fence; mind your hands. The more Yura touches Fuji, the more aroused he gets and the more aggressive. Yanking the bottom boy's hole to his lips, Yura licks Fuji's sweet hole. Fuji tries to reciprocate, "butt" Yura's got other plans. Both strip down, lose the puppets, and relish one another fully. Fingering Fuji, Yura then slides in and immediately pounds away. Watching the twinks fuck is so hot; whatever the position, the wildlife is being fed. Seems like Yura can't keep his hands off of Fuji's dick, as he does a nice reach around. Fuji does a nice sit-in-and-spin on Yura's cock as they face one another, still going strong. Their bodies start to intertwine and with all the fondling, these two have to be getting close. The bottom boy gives a heads up and asks Yura for more thrusting action. Accommodating, Yura pumps the cum right out of Fuji then explodes his own load right in the condom. I think these two need another shower to wash off all the "animal instincts" they released.

Date: May 8, 2014

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