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Japan Boyz – Riku Comes Back for More of Ayumu's Ass


Popular duo Riku and Ayumu are back, smooching under a white sheet. Ayumu peels back the sheet to dive under and get a mouthful of Riku's long straight dick, and Riku returns the favor. He cups his buddy's fuzzy balls in his hand as he works Ayumu to a firm hardon. The camera moves in for a closeup on Riku's pale smooth ass, and the cameraman reaches in to part his cheeks and give us a better view of his puckered hole. When they switch, the camera guy rubs his hand along Ayumu's hairy crack and balls. They lie down and 69, and we see that Ayumu has other plans for Riku's big cock. Rolling on a condom and slathering a big drop of lube, Ayumu faces away to sit on Riku's dick. He bobs on it and pulls his white t-shirt out of the way. The hot wet feeling of Ayumu's hungry hole drives Riku into a fuck frenzy, and now he's pumping straight into Ayumu from behind. Grabbing his buddy's hips, he thrusts in fast and hard until both need to jack off and relieve the building pressure. They sit side by side with hands on each others' thighs while they beat out creamy spurts of sperm, first Ayumu, then a big one from Riku that coats him from navel to the tip of his hard-worked cock.

Date: July 26, 2018

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