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Kaoru Mounts Muscleman Musashi


Lean blond Kaoru is a Japanboyz favorite, and this time he’s paired up with muscular erotic nightclub performer Musashi. It’s not an even match up. You’d think that bronze Asian muscle god Musashi would dominate and play the top role exclusively, but crafty Kaoru has other ideas. He glides the big stud onto the bed, pulls off his t-shirt and probes a finger into Musashi’s hungry hole. Sucking his cock, Musashi makes sure to give his nips a twist.rnrnMusashi gets his first chance at Kaoru’s dick when he slurps it down. Kaoru makes the next move and spreads muscle boy’s legs to wedge his tongue deep into the crack. He lubes up a finger and slides it into the twitching hole, gets it all wet and slick. Musashi gasps when Kaoru enters him, eyes closed in private ecstasy. When he rides Kaoru, his big cock flops in time with every grind of his tan meaty butt. Musashi holds onto the mattress when the cute blond pounds in hard, getting close. Musashi lies back with jaw dropped as Kaoru milks a big splatter into his cumhungry mouth.

Date: April 30, 2020

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