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Hiroya’s Movie Kiss


Handsome Japanese stud Hiroya has always exuded an Errol Flynn sort of Hollywood leading man charisma. In this hookup with sexy young Teppei, he takes charge from the start with a long deep kiss straight out of a feature film romance. And when his hand wanders down to Teppei’s swelling crotch–talk about charming him out of his pants. Teppei strips down his pants and undies, pulls off his shirt and lets Hiroya work his erotic magic. The sound of Hiroya’s licking and slurping at Teppei’s thick cock and heavy nuts fills the air. Then our romantic Hiro steps out of his clothes and Teppei obediently starts worshipping bearded Hiroya’s big hard tool.nnThe action heats up when Hiroya burrows his face into Teppei’s muscular ass. Teppei pushes his booty back toward Hiroya’s probing tongue and groans with satisfaction when Hiro reaches down to stroke his cock. After a slippery finger opens Teppei up for a fuck, it’s time for the next move. He slips on a condom and pumps his piece in with a vengeance. Teppei braces against the headboard and closes his eyes. Hiro locks lips with his young buddy in another deep juicy kiss. His crotch slams into Teppei’s crack with a THWACK. He lets Teppei guide the action and climb on. Ass grinding into Hiroya, Teppei begins stroking his own dick. When he settles down onto Hiroya with the big boner buried to the root, Hiro finds a way to ream that ass even deeper. Teppei lies back with his legs spread almost 180 degrees and welcomes Hiro’s plowing in for the final race to the finish. Hiro pulls out and splatters him with a sticky splash. Nibbling at Teppei’s nips, Hiro coaxes a creamy wad from the young Asian bottom.

Date: November 23, 2020

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