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Yuki’s Nookie Time


Sometimes, a hot Japanboyz’ gotta do what a boy’s gotta do. Blond Asian hipster Yuki is on the storeroom floor relaxing when he reaches into his pants to pull out a stiff dick. He stands up just long enough to step out of his jeans and pull his briefs down below his nuts. Back on the floor he starts beating his cock and worships the manly scent embedded in his undies. One hand goes down to his booty to spread his cheeks apart. Then he gets on all fours with puckering holeaimed at the camera, reaches up and slides a slick finger into his hungry ass. Then two.nnWith his hole open and tingling, Yuki licks the musky flavor off his fingers and goes back to jerking his big uncut meat. Pulling the loose tan skin over the rosy head, the stimulation grows, gets too hot to bear. He moves his feet wide apart and aims at the hardwood floor. A cummy splatter sprays out a foot in front of Yuki. He neatly and considerately pulls a paper towel off the storeroom shelf and wipes up after his sexy mess.

Date: July 1, 2020

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