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Next Door Studios – Functional Training


James Huntsman is the most in-demand personal trainer in the area…Allie Jordan’s area anyway. He does outcalls, which is nice convenient for busy Allie. They’ve already done one session that left her muscles very tight. It also left her hungry for James’s fat cock!This time, she’s determined to make a move. After some stretching and light toning exercises, James takes his shirt off and lays down next to her. James hadn’t said anything, but he definitely picked up the vibes Allie was putting out. He goes in for a kiss and she reciprocates! Things heat up quickly and Allie takes James’s large dong in her mouth for some hard sucking. It tastes even better than she imagined! Then James positions Allie on the couch and slides his massive erection into her for an intense, hard fucking. This is exactly the type of cardio Allie had in mind!

Date: August 12, 2012

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