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Next Door Studios – Kissed by a Rose


Allie Jordan has been watching the new gardener, Jacob Valdez for some time now, as he performs his tasks out in the garden underneath the hot sun. Building up a sweat under the noon time heat, he could sure use a break, and Allie has an idea just how he should spend it. Luring him inside with the promise of cool refreshment, she turns the tables on him once inside. Advancing on the visibly shy gardener, Allie will not be denied as she pushes his sticky body back onto her bed. Laying there as she straddles him, Jacob is still nonetheless pensive, until she threatens to fire him if he doesn’t perform. Determined to keep his job, Jacob launches into action, lifting Allie up and slamming her back onto the bed with her legs spread wide. In one fluid motion they are both naked, and Jacob is plunging his cock into her expectant mouth. As he facefucks her throat, she gags at his ferocity and is turned on by his sudden dominance. Thrusting his cock inside her, his ass pulsating as he pounds away at her, Jacob fucks like a man on fire, and Allie is appreciative. She then flips him on his back and puts the good stuff on him, riding and grinding away at his cock until he can last no more, so he pulls out and blasts her with a well earned load, as the sun fades behind the trees outside.Enjoy!

Date: September 9, 2012

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