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The Apartment: Jordan’s New Groove


This Chris guy really got around! But by now, Jeremy knows that when the door’s a knockin’, the bed will be rockin’. This time it’s a sweet dark treat in the shape of hung and handsome Jordan Jameson. Jeremy asks if he’d like to get something new and different from what Chris gave him, and Jordan is up and hard as a rock for it. Kneeling between his legs, Jeremy gives Jeremy the blowjob of a lifetime, then moves on to the main event. Jordan’s in no hurry though, and tosses Jeremy up onto the sofa to eat out his tight little ass.

Jordan’s massive ebony tool won’t be an easy feat for Jeremy, though his groans show that he’s giving it his best try. Once it fits in, he’s moaning and in heaven. Oh

Date: May 4, 2021

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