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Next Door Studios – Play Time While Daddy Is Away


He’s a hard working boy, that Tyler Torro. The old man down the road hired him to clean up his orchard. Tyler enjoys working outside, doing odd jobs for the friendly folks in his community. Kandi Milan is the old man’s daughter. She gets lonely around the house by herself. She’s made a fresh batch of lemonade for Tyler today. Maybe he can chase her lonely blues away.

On a day like this, he can’t turn down an icy glass of delicious, tart goodness. He notices Kandi’s scant clothing and pops a chubby on the way into the house. Kandi’s plan is coming together. She lures him into her parents’ room and plants a juicy kiss on Tyler. From there she slowly moves down his body, finally wrapping her lips around his rock hard cock. When Tyler loosens up, he decides to give Kandi what shes after. Watch Kandi get pumped good by this lean, passionate stud.


Date: December 23, 2010

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