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Next Door Studios – Blinded and Bullied


Ramey is waiting, bent over an autumn. He knows Nubius will enter any moment and deliver a harsh bullying. He knows Nubius’s brand of punishment too well. But Ramey often enjoys this type of rough handling. He knows any effort to resist is in vain; now he allows Nubius to do as he pleases.The firm grip on the back of Ramey’s neck is the first contact they have on this occasion. Nubius picks him up and slams him back down several times before rubbing Ramey’s face around his chest and muscular arms. Then Ramey is subjected to a thorough ass licking. Nubius uses large amounts of spit to carry out the process. Ramey certainly enjoys this. Then he’s thrown onto his back and his scant shorts are ripped off. Ramey can feel blood rushing to his cock. When Nubius dribbles oil all over Ramey’s balls and hardening dick, it gets quite fat and hard. It becomes time for Nubius to insert his own bulging erection into Ramey’s tight, waiting ass. Witness this unforgiving treatment take place as Ramey gets a bullying he won’t forget.

Date: October 4, 2012
Actors: Nubius / Remey

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