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Next Door Studios – Chad


Chad comes to us from the sunny gulf beaches of Florida, ready to flex his way into your fantasies. A competing body-builder, Chad has got the guns to get the job done, but it’s his pistol that wil keep you coming back for more. He starts off sort of light in the gym, ripping through a couple of bench press sets before losing his shirt and getting down to business, peeling off his shorts and sliding them off his body, before straddling the bench, ass in the air, and grinding his cock against the support. Flipping back over and leaning against the bar, he takes a firm grip of his cock and strokes it without care or restraint, launching his load all over the bench with a frenetic spray before throwing his head back to exhale, admiring the mess he’s made of the gym.


Date: May 5, 2014
Actors: Chad

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