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Next Door Studios – Johnny Diesel


As the last remnants of day fade behind the city skyline, Johnny Diesel stands on a balcony looking westward towards the Pacific, watching the sun set and huddling closer as it gives way to night’s chilly air. Johnny moves inside as the light disappears, kindling a fire and relaxing with a drink. As he thumbs through the pages of a magazine, Johnny feels the warmth of the fire and the effects of his drink, and a growing sensation arises in his jeans which requires immediate attention.
He unbuttons his shirt and slides if off, throwing open his jeans and pulling his cock out, massaging the tip and fingering his exposed taint as he downs the last of his bottle. His cock now at full attention, Johnny finishes his drink and whets the mouth with his tongue, then slides it down his body and barely penetrates himself, just teasing himself as he continues to stroke away. As he fucks himself with the bottle, Johnny flings his leg over the arm of the chair, spreading his legs wider and wider as he continues to pound away.
Needing more room, he stretches out on the floor in front of the fire, dropping the bottle and throwing his head back as he bites his lip, before launching his load in the waning firelight, closing his eyes as the flames lick and flicker above him.


Date: April 14, 2014
Actors: Johnny Diesel

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