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Levy Foxx is curious about King T'Balla's intentions and pays a visit to the King's private quarters. Levy needs to find out if the King is sincere with his offer of a trade for the sacred Peckeranium. Then and only then, will the Panda Brotherhood consider giving up their elixir of eternal youth. But first, a private audience with the King's cock is in order. Levy makes it clear that if T'Balla wants the Peckeranium, he needs to fuck it out of him. To show that he means business, the King pulls out his massive meat and slides it into Levy's open mouth. Levy gags and begs for it to split his ass open. T'Balla is more than happy to oblige and after opening Levy's tight hole with his tongue, he crams his giant cock deep into the twink's hole. He pounds Levy's ass and stretches it beyond anything Levy has ever experienced before. Finally after a long and sensual fuck fest, T'Balla fucks the cum out of Levy's swollen cock. To show his love, Levy rubs his jizz all over the King's chest. The feel of Levy's warm sperm on his body and the sight of the panting twink is all it takes for T'Balla to let loose. Levy opens wide and takes T'Balla's massive load in his wide open mouth. He licks up every last drop and feeds it back to the King as the two kiss the cum away.

Date: April 23, 2018

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