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Deep Wrists with Yoshi Kawasaki


The course of true love often takes some twists and turns, but this hot fetish romance between lovestruck Fuji and leatherboy Yoshi Kawasaki takes a major KINK! Fuji confesses he’s been in love with Yoshi for a while, but when Yoshi rips open his shirt to show off a body covered in tattoos and a heavy leather harness, he warns Fuji that he likes to play hard. These two sexy Asian studs are polar opposites, with Fuji the boy you bring home to Mom and Yoshi the hot slut you meet in a sling at a smoky sex club.nnStripping down, pierced and tatted Yoshi goes right for Fuji’s long hard cock. We see his ass is already twitching and opened for action. He has no trouble swallowing Fuji to the furry root, twiddling a nip in the bargain. When Fuji gets his mouth on Yoshi’s hairy hole, we see that the action is gonna get intense. He pokes a wet finger in, and that turns into a whole fist. Yoshi’s collar and ankle cuffs are chained to a shiny steel bar, like an insta-sling, as he lies on the bed with legs raised and splayed open. After some deep fisting, Fuji slips his cock into Yoshi’s wide-open hole. Yoshi rides him like a stallion, then Fuji drills in from behind. When the kinkster’s ass is blooming into a rosebud, Fuji slides in a clear speculum and pries it open. He jerks his dick and lets his spurting cum drain down into the speculum and Yoshi’s quivering ass. Yoshi rewards all this heavy fetish play with a creamy wad that splatters his black leather shorts.

Date: July 1, 2020

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