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Massage Exchange 2: Relax and Fuck Me


Our host for this massage exchange, hot Asian Danny Ice, remarks how erotic it is to see his masseur friends getting frisky and turning every massage into a happy ending and MORE. The camera centers on lean little stud Levy Foxx giving handsome Nic Sahara a rubdown he won’t soon forget. Levy moves his magic hands down to Nic’s muscular ass and spreads his cheeks open to have a look at his hairy hole. He can’t help but turn the client over and start licking his smooth heavy nuts. Nic’s swelling cock is just a grab away, and Levy takes that opportunity in hand and then down his cockstarved throat.

Nic props up his stiffy as Levy grinds his ass back into the long thick tool. He slides it in raw and slick. Kneeling with legs planted on each side of Nic’s, Levy rides athletically. He bounces on the big hard piece like he’s in a sexual playground, which is what this massage group is quickly escalating into. Nick rises up to his knees and plows Levy with a vengeance. The horny young Asian starts stroking his cock in time with each thrust. Finally Levy steps off the massage table and bends over to give Nic free rein. He turns onto his back and gives Nic a juicy suck as he cums on his tight little abs. Nic rubs his nuts over Levy’s face and splatters out his own sticky wad.

Date: October 25, 2021

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