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Getting Drenched


From PeterFever East, the erotic saga of two horny Asian boys who know well enough to come in out of the rain. Ryuji has invited Hiroshi inside to wait out the storm and find something hot to do to dry them out. Grinding their well-packed crotches together on the bed, our guys start at their sensuous mouths and travel downward. Hiroshi licks Ryuji’s muscular torso and gets a hefty diversion at his big hard prick. Sexy muscle daddy Ryuji peels off Hiroshi’s briefs and takes his long straight dick deep into his throat. They rub and jack their tools together until they’re stiff and ready for the next exciting phase.nnHiroshi straddles his muscular waist and reaches behind to aim Ryuji’s cock straight into his throbbing booty hole. Ryuji braces his buddy till he’s sitting and slowly taking in every twitching inch. Both these Japanese horndogs moan deep and loud. The moans turn to groans of passion when Ryuji piles on from above, rams his pole balls deep. A rivulet of lube drips out of Hiroshi and down his smooth crack. He strokes Hiroshi to the edge of exploding as he plows his buddy’s tight ass. Hiroshi takes matters into his own hands and gives the last few milking pumps before his creamy splatter drenches Ryuji’s hungry lips. He twiddles handsome Ryuji’s nipples, takes his load in a hot wet splash that drips down his satisfied face.

Date: July 28, 2020

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