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Yukata Boyz


It’s a cool cloudy afternoon in Tokyo, and the light summer yukatas Fuji and Higaken are wearing are not substantial enough to keep them from freezing their nuts off. These sexy Japanese studs come inside and start heating things up with some sweet kisses on the bed. Fuji peels open Higaken’s kimono and warms his cold little dick with his hot mouth. Suddenly our lean studly Higaken’s back to the good stiff dimensions we know and love. Higaken returns the favor on Fuji, whose yukata is loosely wrapped around his tight waist. He pins back Fuji’s legs and dives in to lick his smooth booty.rnrnFuji starts beating his dick as Higaken runs his tongue up and down the ass crack. He perks up his muscular butt as Higaken lubes up his fingers and slides them in. When Higaken lies back Fuji climbs on and rides his hard cock. They smooch and embrace as their bodies knit together in a tender fuck. Fuji lies back and Higaken plows in harder, heading for that edge of ecstasy. He holds Fuji by the spread-open thighs and pounds his ass. Fuji can’t hold back from spraying his huge juicy load across his chest. He kneels with cum dripping down his ripped torso, and Higaken spurts another load that covers Fuji and hangs off his dickhead in a long sticky trail.

Date: May 5, 2020

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